Dear Waterski Friends,

please find herewith an important message from the Bureau of the  IWWF-European Confederation regarding the Corona virus situation.

Best regards,
EC Administrative Office

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Admincom/Corona statement


To the EC Federations, Admincom & Council members,

The COVID-19 Coronavirus situation is clearly threatening the 2020 season.

At this time we don’t have any certainty of which events will be allowed to take place.

However the health and well-being of our athletes, officials, organizers and volunteers is even more important.

As already stated by the IWWF, national federations will have to take decisions as to the events under their control taking place on their territory.

The EC will only take decisions about its Titled Events.

The cancellation or continuation of any event will be controlled by the decisions of the country in which the event takes place.

The EC will closely monitor the expected measures the national authorities plan to take – for as far as we can know.

We will lean heavily on the support of the organizing federations in this respect.

But even when an event is still on, teams might choose not to attend for any reason at all.

Please make no early travel arrangements – but that is common sense.

If you do, make sure that if the event gets cancelled due to the Corona situation you have insurance to cover your losses. The EC cannot intervene with any compensation when people book anyway without coverage.

Up to now, all European titled events are still on.

At least six weeks before the scheduled start of the event, the organizer has to publish whether the event is on or off.

Meanwhile :

… The organizer shall state in the event bulletin up to when hotel bookings are refundable in
    case of cancellation of the event.

… The organizer shall reimburse not used familiarization and training bookings in case of
    cancellation of the event.

… The Intention to Enter Fee (50 €) remains not refundable, unless the event gets cancelled.

… Entry Fees have to get paid following the usual procedure, i.e. after the six weeks

The Bureau of the IWWF – European Confederation