To the EC Federations
To the AC Federations
To the Admincom
To the EC Councils
It is with great regret that due to the COVID-19 crisis and the restrictions imposed by various countries and travel restrictions, the Admincom has decided to cancel or postpone to 2021 all 2020 E&A Titled Events.
All 2020 ‘Open’ and ‘Masters’ (35+, seniors, ..) Championships have been cancelled.

For the Youth Championships, the Admincom encourages the Divisional Councils to postpone their 2020 event to 2021.
If they accept this recommendation, the 2020 event would be held alongside the 2021 event.
This is in order that a youth athlete who is in the last year of his age category does not miss the chance to win a title, a medal or a spot in the finals.
Someone over age can however not set a record for his age category.
It is up to each Council to work out the specific rules for their combined 2020/2021 event.
The EC Bureau

2020 – WATERSKI   (TOURNAMENT  3-events)

03-05/04          E&A       Waterski Seminar                GBR    Egham                         Cancelled

03-09/08          E&A       Youth & Under-21 Champ. ESP     Sesena                         Postponed till 2021, the skiers at age 2020 in 2021, same venue

18-23/08          World     Junior Championships         USA    Pickos Lakes, Fl.        Postponed till 2021, the juniors at age 2020 in 2021, same venue

20-23/08          E&A       Open Championships          ITA     Recetto                        Cancelled

27-30/08          E&A       35+ Championships             ITA     Ravenna                        Cancelled

14-20/09          World     35+ Championships             FRA    Baurech                        Postponed till 2021, same venue

22-27/09          FISU       World University                 UKR    Dnipro                         Cancelled