6th April 2021

Our close-knit family of towed water sports world-wide has lost beloved friends over the last 4 years and the tragic events surrounding these  losses have brought up ongoing conversations regarding the possible connection between concussion and mental health.

A working group, headed by Dr. Bruce Reid from Canada, was established last year under the umbrella of the IWWF World Medical Committee to address the issue of concussion and mental health.

“IWWF has today released a Concussion Policy Protocol, along with recommendations to minimize the occurrence of the long-term effects of concussions in towed water sports.  I appreciate all the hard work contributed by the members of concussion management working group to develop this protocol”, said Jose Antonio Perez Priego, IWWF President.

The IWWF Concussion Policy Protocol will include:

  • education and awareness efforts to all athletes, through required pre-season education classes before competition.
  • acute concussion management strategies with an “On-Water Concussion Recognition Tool” (OWCRT), and an “On-Shore Concussion Assessment Tool” (SCAT5).
  • immediate withdrawal from competition.
  • step-by-step brain recovery strategies.
  • medical clearance required prior to return to competition.
  • resources for education, treatment and clearance through the National Federations.
  • education and awareness of Post-Concussion Syndrome/PCS and Chronic Traumatic Encephalitis/CTE and their risks of permanent brain impairment, increased risk of depression, and possible suicide.

The concussion management working group will work with National Federations to collect and analyse cumulative data and make future recommendations.

Please click here for a video on concussion management awareness or watch below.https://www.youtube.com/embed/7qvhjvDGHTU?wmode=transparent&autoplay=0