Dear Official,

In January the WaterSki Council agreed to require the use of Boat Path Measurement Systems (BPMS) for all European Ranking List and Record Capability Tournaments in 2021.

This was in line with our understanding of the situation in the rest of the World at the time.

We believe that the use of BPMS in all Ranking and Record Tournaments makes our sport fairer for all our skiers.

BPMS is reliable, accurate and easy to use.

It helps the Drivers to drive better, the Judges to make better, more consistent decisions and the skiers to fairly perform to their best abilities.

Unfortunately, since we made that decision it has become clear that in the United States, BPMS will not be mandatory for Ranking List and Record Tournaments in 2021.

It will be in use in the Tournaments but End Course Video will be used to apply the rules (Rule 8.15 (b) ).

In May the World WaterSki Council agreed to remove the mandatory requirement for BPMS in Elite Tournaments in 2021.

In view of this new situation the European WaterSki Council has reluctantly agreed to remove the mandatory requirement for BPMS in European Ranking and Record Tournaments in 2021.

While we believe that BPMS should be used at all Ranking and Record Tournaments we also believe that Ranking and Record Tournaments around the World should be run to equal standards.

We strongly encourage Chief Judges in agreement with Organisers to fully use BPMS according to rule 8.15 (a)

When it is chosen not to do that, BPMS should be used as an informational tool to monitor and improve the driving at the Tournament and to assist the judges in applying rule 8.15 (b)

Chief Judges should submit a short report to the Council regarding their use of BPMS at the Tournament

A decision on the mandatory use of BPMS in Titled events will follow the World WaterSki Council decision on Titled Events in the next month.

Kind Regards

The E&A WaterSki Council