From EMS Team:

Dear Scorers/Calculators,

Most Scorers/Calculators world-wide are now following the new official IWWF processes to manage their L and R tournaments in the IWWF EMS System and Lion Scoring System. However, some are still unsure how to avoid errors, especially with the IWWF Licenses that are mandatory for anyone participating in such tournaments. We take this opportunity to send you again the Training Document distributed in 2021 to help you refresh your knowledge and understanding of the new processes (see attachment).

As a summary of this training document:

Do NOT register any Participant or Official directly in the Lion scoring system as done in the past. The leading database of the IWWF is that of the IWWF EMS system which is under the responsibility of the Federations and this is why you should:

  • Register your Participants only in the IWWF EMS system. The workload for you will be the same as if you enter them in the scoring system but with the advantage of the upfront automatic IWWF License check done by IWWF EMS, as well as the correct IWWF Athlete ID, correct birth years, age categories and nationality controls that are not done in the scoring system. In case of discrepancies, use the birth years, nationalities, etc. that are in the IWWF EMS system. 
  • Register your Officials only in the IWWF EMS system and download their names from IWWF EMS to the scoring system with their correct IWWF Official ID (MXXXXX) that is linked to their historical record.

Do NOT make your last-minute entries and changes directly in the scoring system as done in the pastMake your last minute changes in the IWWF EMS system and update the scoring system through partial/incremental downloads. This is possible even during the tournament. The partial/incremental downloads are easily done and there is no reason to add or change Participants or Officials in the scoring system to risk errors that will not be detected by the scoring system.

Do NOT forget to click the relevant age categories on the Classification screen of the scoring system when you upload your results to IWWF EMS. If you forget, no results will be uploaded.

More information on the IWWF processes are available in the IWWF EMS video tutorials

Best regards,

Your IWWF EMS Team