EMS aka Event Management System

IWWF has launched a new tool and website for all Athletes, Disciplines, Federations, Organisers and Public users to create, handle, see ranking list & results all events in our sport.
Website URL is https://ems.iwwf.sport


How to become an EMS user?
EMS distinguishes between two types of Users:
 Athletes (skiers/riders)
 Members (Federation Administrators / Officials)

At this stage only Federation Administrators have been invited by the IWWF EMS Administrator to join EMS. In the coming weeks it will be the task of the Federation Administrators to invite athletes and officials of their respective Federations to join EMS. The Federation Administrators will be informed through an upcoming EMS Newsletter when it is the right time to invite athletes and officials.

Who invites Federation Administrators to join EMS?
Federation Administrators are either invited by the EMS Administrator or by another Federation Administrator.

How are users invited to join EMS?
The EMS Administrator/Federation Administrators can invite users to join EMS through an “invitation email” on which the user has to click “I agree” and provide his password. From this point onward the user is registered in EMS.

What if users have not received their invitation email?
The user should check his spam/junk folder whether the email has been refused by his spam-filter which is frequently the case since the email sent has a “no-reply” email address which some spam-filters are reluctant to accept. If the invitation email is not in the spam/junk folder, the user should contact his Federation or the EMS Administrator.

What are the password rules?
The password should have at least 6 characters and it should contain at least 1 number, at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase Latin character and at least 1 special character as per below:
( ) ` ~ ! # $ % ^ & * – + = | \ { } [ ] : ; , . ? / •

The above text will also be inserted as a help tooltip in the page requesting the password.

Who can open a new competition site in EMS?
Every Federation Administrator can create new competition sites which do not exist yet from migrated data. The code can freely be defined by the Federation. Some disciplines may come up with a standard to be followed for the allocation of the site Code. If the site is not known when registering the competition, a Federation may open a site with the name “To be announced” or similar.

Is it mandatory for all Federations to use EMS? By when?
The use of EMS for the registration of Ranking List competitions will be mandatory for all IWWF National Federations. The IWWF Executive Board may approve exceptions especially for National Federations who have their own EMS system in place. In those cases special electronic links between the two systems will become mandatory. It goes without saying that the use of EMS is free of charge for all Federations.

Event Management System
2020 will be an introduction year during which step by step National Federations can start to use the EMS from the beginning of the season for all their competitions/disciplines or selectively by competitions/disciplines during the season. The objective is to make EMS mandatory for all RL competitions in the Southern Hemisphere by September 1, 2020 for all competitions held from January 1, 2021 and by January 1, 2021 for all RL competitions in the Northern Hemisphere.

Why September 1, 2020 for the Southern Hemisphere: Because athletes of these Federations (Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc.) start already at this time to register for competitions held in the following year.

Are any data from existing systems migrated to EMS?
All historical data for all disciplines available from IWWF systems (Scoring / Ranking List / Result Systems) will be migrated to EMS. The present database includes migrated data of Waterski athletes, and Cableski / Disabled / Waterski Officials. A new migration is planned this month for Barefoot, Cableski, Disabled and Waterski athletes, officials, competitions and results.
Wakeboard Boat data migration is under analysis and may follow. As communicated separately, Cable Wakeboard will not be part of EMS Version 1 and join EMS by January 2021.

What is the role of the Federation Administrator at this point?
His first task should be to get familiar with the EMS system. In principal, EMS is easy to use and self-explanatory.
Subsequently, his first preparation activity for the present or upcoming season is the registration of competitions. In this respect it is up to the Federation whether they centrally register their competitions or whether they invite Organisers to become an EMS Member and register their competition(s) themselves. Generally, Federations have chosen to register competitions centrally by an EMS Federation Administrator for this initial period of the EMS implementation. It is also up to the Federation whether they register only Ranking List or also their national competitions. EMS provides the solution for all type of competitions.
Also, Federations can start to clean-up migrated data of Officials: Clarify and update if necessary names and functions. Eliminate duplicate entries.

EMS tutorial videos