Historical Records

IWWF Rule 23.01: What Records are Recognized
The IWWF shall recognize World records for tricks points, slalom performances, jump distances and overall
for the Open Men’s and Women’s divisions, Under 21 Men’s and Women’s and for Under 17 Boy’s and
Girl’s divisions

The Confederations may, in addition, recognise Confederation records under the same
standards provided for World records. The Confederations may, however, recognise records for divisions
other than those recognised by the IWWF.
The Confederation in which a record may be recognised shall be determined by the nationality of the skier rather than the location of the competition.

IWWF Rule 23.02: Competitions where Records may be set
Records may be set only at competitions homologated as a Record Capability Event by the IWWF, a Confederation, a Federation, or the World Waterski Council. In any one competition, no more than four rounds are eligible for setting records.

Europe & Africa Record History

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IWWF World Record History

Last update 17th March 2021

IWWF Water Ski World Records