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Intention To Enter (ITE) Forms for Europe & Africa Championships

For all Europe & Africa Titled Events the EC Waterski Council will publish an ‘Intention to Enter’ form to the Federations on these webistes. This form has to be returned to the organizing Federation and to the EC representative to the event with a deadline of two months before the start of the competition.

A Federation entering a team (even of only one skier) after that deadline, will be fined 200 Euro.

To be accepted, the “Intention to Enter” form must be accompanied by a deposit amounting to 50 Euro for each athlete mentioned on the form.

For instance : 3 athletes : 3x 50 = 150 Euro. 

This amount must be paid to the organisers and is non-refundable. 
This 50 Euro will be deducted from the entry fee to be paid for each athlete. 

The Federation may enter up to two additional athletes more than originally declared on the “Intention to Enter” form. If more than two additional athletes participate, then a fee of 50 Euro per additional athlete will be levied upon that Federation. 

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Entry fees for all titled events shall be fixed by the Admincom and must be approved by the Annual Congress. 

Division & EventEntry Fee per skierDivided  as  follows to:
EC CentralOrganiserCouncil
Open180 EUR80 EUR80 EUR20 EUR
Youth (U14 & U17)140 EUR60 EUR60 EUR20 EUR
Under-21160 EUR70 EUR70 EUR20 EUR
35+210 EUR95 EUR95 EUR20 EUR

NOTE 1 – For entries paid via Council:

  • 80 % will be paid to organiser at close of entry.
  • The remaining 20 % will be paid once all entries are confirmed.

NOTE 2 – Late Entry Fees.

  • Late Entry Fee for all divisions = 10 EUR per day per athlete.
  • The split is 50 % to the EC (Council) – 50 % to the organisers.

NOTE 3 – To Council.

  • To assist officials travel.
  • Income is paid to the relevant Council.

Late Entries

Unless otherwise specified in the Technical Rules of a division, the following will apply:
A late entry fee of 10 Euro per day per competitor shall be levied on each entry not received 15 days before the first official day of familiarization or the first day of competition if there is no familiarization.

Late entries will only be accepted with the consent of the Organizer and Chief Judge. 

Team Or Individual Athletes Not Showing Up

The entry fees of team or individual athletes failing to show an entry form has been submitted by their Federation shall still be payable in full, unless a valid written excuse is received by 12 noon of the day before the start of the competition.

The Chief Judge shall decide whether or not the excuse is valid. 


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