Non-Team Skiers

2022 Qualified Individual Skiers (tba.)

Wild Card Skiers (Non-Team Skiers)

E&A Additional Rules – 14.14: Wild Cards: IWWF Rule 14 applies:

Each Federation may enter 5 additional single event wild card skiers.
The skiers must meet the eligibility rules as defined in 14:13 above. A Federation’s Wild Cards cannot be transferred to another Federation.
For the purpose of this rule Overall is not considered to be a single event.
This rule can be accepted or rejected by the organiser, with this decision included in the LAO when the BID is accepted.

Individual Skier (Non-Team Skiers)

Rule 15 – Europe and Africa Open Championships Rules
IWWF Rule 15 applies with the following amendments.
E&A Additional Rules – 15.02: Team Selection
Skiers not selected for their national teams may qualify to compete in the Europe & Africa Championships as individuals only in the relevant event(s) if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Europe & Africa record holder. The performance must have been ratified by the WSC 30 days before the first day of the Europe & Africa Championships.
  2. Reigning Europe & Africa Champion in any event or the overall from the previously held Europe & Africa Championships.
  3. Placed as per the Placement Eligibility Chart (14.15).
  4. Top 3 places in slalom, trick, jump, and overall from the most recently held U21 E&A Championships.
  5. Top 6 E&A Skiers of the previous year’s World Cup Placements.

E&A Additional Rules – 14.15 Individual Skiers
Skiers placed in the top X places (as shown below) on the different Ranking Lists.

EventsCurrent Year E&A Ranking ListPrevious Year E&A Ranking ListE&A skiers placed in the top X skiers from the latest November IWWF Ranking ListE&A skiers placed in the top X skiers from the previous November IWWF Ranking ListE&A skiers placed in the top X skiers of the Pro List 30 days prior to the ChampionshipE&A skiers placed in the top X skiers of the Pro List 1 year and 30 days prior to the ChampionshipsE&A skiers placed in the top X skiers of the Weekly List updated 60 days before the Championships.
Men Slalom862016141120
Women Slalom86151210815
Men Tricks8620168620
Women Tricks8615128615
Men Jump86201612920
Women Jump8615128615
Men Overall5410810
Women Overall5410810

E&A Additional Rules – 14.18: Ranking List to be Used
Wherever the words “current year E&A Ranking List” appear, it relates to the last approved Ranking List which is computed annually on the 31st October.
These lists are calculated from results achieved up until October 31st each year. There are no interim lists which can be applied.
The current Year Ranking List for 2022, is the list approved at 31st October 2021 and includes all scores achieved from November 1st 2020 to October 31st 2021.

Number Of Skiers In Final Round

E&A Additional Rules – 14.09: Numbers in Finals
For all Championships the number of skiers qualified to ski in the Final round of an event shall be as shown in the following table:

Number of skiers entered and paid to ski in the Preliminary round
(as at midday the day before competition starts)
Number of skiers in Finals
1 – 5ALL
6 – 10first 5
11 -12first 6
13 – 15first 8
16 – 19first 10
20 and morefirst 12