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From these pages you will find lists of International Officials from IWWF Confederation Europe & Africa, competition rules, Officials’ Seminar Information, competition panels and applications, official exam applications, software download links to competition use, etc.

Waterski Officials

We have different type of officials divided by their function in a waterski competition:

  • Drivers (Boat Drivers)
  • Homologators (Technical Controllers)
  • Judges
  • Scorers (Calculators)

How To Become an International Waterski Official

First of all, you must start your official path at National Level, which means you must go through certain steps with your national Federation, before you are able to make an exam to become as an International Waterski Official.
International Official Exams are explained at our Additional Rules.

Homologation and Scoring Software

You can read more and download the Scoring Software and Homologation Software (by Emmanuel Lion).

Scoring Software is a shareware and needs a username & password for download.

Homologation Software  is a freeware.

SPLASHEYE is an ultimate training tool, the easiest to use competition system:
– Automatic Jump Measurement
– Automatic Slalom Gates
– Automatic End Course.

Sure-Path is a new system for tracking the position of a tournament waterski boat within the boat lane of the slalom or jump course, accurately and in real time.

Video Tape Measure

Video Tape Measure is a Windows 10 program that was approved by IWWF to measure jump distances.
It accepts either standard definition or high definition video streams and employs the same concepts as Bob Corson’s Video Jump and Splasheye, so current jump grids can use this new program without any modification to the site.
A minimum screen resolution of 1920×1080 is required but can run on laptops with less screen resolution with an HDMI-attached external monitor.
Video Tape Measure includes an easy-to-use personal video recorder if a jump is missed.
One grid is displayed at a time with the ability to switch between four grid setups.
You need to furnish your own video capture device – see the discussion in the built-in manual for which capture devices work well with Video Tape Measure and which ones don’t.
Video tape Measure can be used for 3-event, barefoot, and sit ski jumping.